Lake Forest Why Dental Sealants Play an Important Part in Protecting Your Child's Teeth

Why Dental Sealants Play an Important Part in Protecting Your Child’s TeethLake Forest, CA

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Standing behind the child with a stern expression, parents will do just about anything to ensure their children brush and floss on a regular basis. Much to the parents' efforts, children still seem to attract tooth decay or infection. The risk of tooth decay for children can even begin before they reach the age of 3. While a child becomes more capable of brushing his or her teeth without a parent's assistance, the child may not properly brush or reach all of the necessary areas of the mouth to remove plaque. If most adults cannot reach the areas they need to, then a child will definitely not be able to reach every area with a toothbrush and allow plaque to build up over time.

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The food particles a child misses with a toothbrush will feed the plaque on the teeth, which will help to promote tooth decay. We understand that balancing a family schedule with work, school, chores and extracurricular activities can make it difficult to ensure a child brushes his or her teeth at least twice a day. Due to common dietary habits, the possibility of cavities forming in children becomes much higher and more common than some people may realize. Fortunately, dental sealants can help children grow up with healthy teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Most parents, upon hearing about a dental sealant procedure for their children, think, “There's no way my child will remain calm or even want to set foot in the dentist.” With the care that Meshia Azad provides, parents do not have to worry. Not only is the sealant procedure painless for the child, but Meshia Azad has the experience to help keep a child comfortable during this procedure.

Dental sealant is like little defenders on a child's teeth and is a liquid solution that quickly hardens as we place it on the top of the teeth. The dental sealant hardens within seconds of placement and is long-lasting. Dental sealants can last up to 10 years and protect the tooth enamel from decay. A dental sealant will also prevent any decay on that tooth from spreading further.

Meshia Azad understands that regardless of the procedure, children may be uncomfortable visiting a dentist. As a pediatric dentist, Meshia Azad can help children feel more comfortable at the office and creates a welcoming atmosphere from the waiting room to the dental chair. Meshia Azad will complete the dental sealant procedure in a safe and efficient manner.

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