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When Is a Tooth Extraction NecessaryLake Forest, CA

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As a pediatric dentist in Lake Forest, CA, we are regularly asked, “When is a tooth extraction necessary?” This is an understandable question because no one wants to have a tooth pulled unless it is absolutely beneficial. As a dentist, we are not interested in extracting teeth unnecessarily, either. In fact, if your child damages a tooth, our preferred method of treatment would be to restore it using dental crowns. There are times, however, where we do recommend visiting our dental office located at 22855 Lake Forest Dr Ste D Lake Forest, CA 92630 for an extraction. Here is why:

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Your child was in an accident.

As an emergency dentist, we treat many patients who have gotten into an accident and need to have immediate dental work completed. In some cases, dental damage is only part of the problem and immediate solutions are necessary. If the problem is urgent, a tooth extraction may be necessary. If you do need an emergency dentist, call (949) 625-1570 to schedule an appointment.

An infection has spread.

If your child does have a bad dental infection, they should visit a dental office in Lake Forest California right way. You should be able to tell because they will experience intense discomfort that will make it difficult to bite down, chew, or even carry on with daily activities. As a pediatric dentist, we recommend coming in at the first sign of a toothache so we can treat the infection before it reaches the point of being severe. However, if you have delayed and your child is now at the point of no return, they may need a tooth extraction just to get rid of the infection quickly. While not ideal, we can eliminate the source of the problem, prescribe them antibiotics, and then replace the tooth or teeth in the future with dental crowns.

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The cost to restore your child’s tooth is too great.

We accept most insurance plans and can also discuss various payment options with you. However, we also realize that sometimes restorative dental work can be cost prohibitive. This is not an inexpensive teeth whitening procedure. Instead, removing an infection can require much more in depth treatments. If you are in a situation where you cannot afford any other option for your child, you may want to consider a tooth extraction and then replace the tooth later on when you have the funds to do so. This will address the immediate problem, which is to remove the infection.

Wisdom teeth are impacted.

One of the most common reasons parents ask, “When is a tooth extraction necessary?” is because their child is developing wisdom teeth. At Meshia Azad DDS, we do not always extract wisdom teeth. If there is enough room in the mouth for this third set of molars and they are growing in straight, they may be able to remain in the mouth. However, it does not work this way for most people. In fact, it is more common for our patients to visit our dental practice complaining that their wisdom teeth hurt. This can happen when they grow in impacted. The actual growth of them can cause discomfort and push other teeth forward (inconvenient if you or your child has had braces). As they grow in impacted or sideways, space will be created for food to become trapped, and this area often becomes infected. In this way, wisdom teeth can pose a health risk.

The Extraction Process

While the first question we hear is, “When is a tooth extraction necessary?”, the second is always about the process. At Meshia Azad DDS, we understand that our patients are often intimidated by the prospect of needing to have a tooth extracted. This is a process that most people grow up fearing, in part because of popular movies and television conveying an extraction as something truly horrible. The good news is that we can complete the extraction gently, quickly, and while keeping you and your child comfortable. When looking for a “dentist near me” to complete an extraction, be sure to visit one who offers sedation. We do and we will use it to help your child relax. Before we get started, they will be sedated and will receive medication to numb the area.

If their tooth has grown in straight…

We can typically grasp the tooth, wiggle it, and gently but quickly pull it out. This process happens quickly, and afterward, we will clean the area and place gauze there to stop the bleeding.

If the tooth is impacted…

As a pediatric dentist in Lake Forest, CA, we remove impacted teeth as a matter of course. This process, however, is far more complicated because an impacted tooth cannot be pulled. Instead, we have to cut open the gum tissue that surrounds the tooth so we can fully access it. In some cases, other bone or tissue has to be cut away so we have full access to the tooth and can pull it out. If necessary, we may need to pull it out one piece at a time. Afterward, we will clean the area, replace the gum flap, place sutures if necessary, and treat it with gauze.

The Recovery Process After a Tooth Extraction

At Meshia Azad DDS, we warn patients that they will be sore for several days and that they will experience some swelling. This is perfectly natural and can be controlled by taking ibuprofen and placing a cold compress or ice pack on their face in the area where the tooth was extracted. We encourage our patients to do so for 15 minutes at a time. In preparation for your tooth extraction, you should buy plenty of JELL-O, yogurt, applesauce, and anything else your child can eat without actually needing to chew. Within a couple of days, they should be able to add solids back into their diet but will need to be cautious until the area has healed completely.

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