What to Expect During a Kids Dental Checkup

Kids DentalBring your child to our office for a kids dental checkup and help to improve their oral health. Getting a dental checkup twice a year is the best way to prevent cavities, infections, and dental damage. Teeth require constant maintenance. Unlike other areas of the body that may only require doctor's visits when there is a problem, oral health requires regular dental visits in order to prevent a problem.

Plaque and tartar build up over time and unless one removes it, the teeth will experience decay or worse symptoms. The good news is that we can prevent many of these problems with regular preventative care.

Steps that we take during a kids dental checkup

When a child comes in for their first dental checkup, it is important for us to gain a clear understanding of the current condition of the child's teeth and gums. We can gain a better understanding by taking X-rays and conducting a physical examination. We can see what baby and permanent teeth have come in, the condition of them and identify if there are any issues requiring treatment.

It is perfectly normal for a child to have a cavity or two when they have not been to the dentist in a couple years. Biannual appointments are critical for preventing cavities and infection. If a child has soft spots or decay, we can treat the issue right away and restore their tooth to good health. We begin by gently removing the decayed portion of the tooth, cleaning the area and restoring it using a dental filling. The entire process is relatively fast and we typically complete the entire appointment in around an hour.

At home and at the dentist

If a child has more significant dental damage, infections or is in need of major restorations, we will create an entire treatment plan and discuss that plan with parents. In some cases, it is best for a child to have major dental work at the hospital. By scheduling an appointment that allows for us to properly sedate the child and correct all oral health problems. At the same time, a child will typically experience less dental anxiety and feel better faster.

Otherwise, it will be necessary to break the treatments into multiple appointments because children have difficulty sitting still for a prolonged period of time. During the checkup, we will also discuss preventative care, including:

Proper brushing and flossing techniques

Parents need to understand what they can do to help children brush correctly.

Healthy food choices

The food and drinks a child consumes directly impact the strength and health of his or her teeth.

Dental grinding

Some children grind teeth at night. If we notice this, then we will point out during an exam.

Wearing mouth guards

Wearing a mouth guard is one way to protect teeth while playing or practicing sports.

Schedule your kids dental checkup today

Keeping your children's teeth healthy begins with scheduling an appointment with our dental office. We encourage you to do so right away and to continue bringing them to our office twice a year for ongoing care.

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