Cavity Treatment For Kids

Cavity Treatment For KidsWe provide a cavity treatment for kids in our clinic and recommend scheduling an appointment if your child is in pain. Parents are often unaware if their child does, in fact, need dental care. Most parents realize it is important to have teeth cleaned on a regular basis but since children tend to be less communicative when it comes to matters of health, parents are often unaware that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Early dental care is crucial

Additionally, there is a common misconception that baby teeth do not require regular dental care since they will simply fall out. For this reason, even parents who are aware that a child might have an issue can sometimes choose to let the issue take care of itself while hoping that the tooth will simply fall out. This is not a wise course of action because once infection settles into the mouth, it can quickly spread.

One or two cavities can easily turn into five or six as that bacteria move throughout the mouth. This can lead to an incredible amount of discomfort for a child and high medical cost. To prevent this, watch for signs that your child has a cavity and call us for help.

Signs that your child may need a cavity treatment for kids

There are many signs that a child may have a cavity, including:

#1. They complain of pain

If a child is in pain, it is crucial to listen to their pain and take them to visit us. If the child is just a bit sore, then a visit may not be necessary. However, if the child is in pain for several days, then bring them into our office. Few children will complain of pain unless they really mean it.

If you think it may be an exaggeration, brush their teeth to see if food is stuck there and look at their mouth. If there are signs of swelling or bleeding, it is likely that they do indeed have an oral health problem.

#2. It is difficult for them to eat anything cold or hot

Sensitivity can be a sign of a cavity or dental damage and requires medical intervention.

#3. You see swelling in the gums

Swelling is common when a tooth is infected. Swollen gums can be a clear sign that a child has a dental emergency and needs to visit our office immediately. They will most likely have pain associated with this, so it is critical to bring them to a dentist office right away and to give them pain medication as necessary. Ideally, we want to see them within a day or two to minimize their discomfort or the spread of the infection.

#4. Their teeth are gray

A gray tooth can be infected or suffering from massive decay. Call if a tooth is changing color so that we can examine it. The tooth may need to be extracted if it has suffered from too much decay but when possible, we will save the tooth by removing the decay and then filling it.

Visit our clinic for a cavity treatment for kids

For help with your child's oral health, visit our clinic. We can provide the necessary care your child needs to be in good oral health now and in the future. Just do not delay since their health can get worse.

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