Brushing at Home is Not Enough, You Need a Kids Dental Cleaning

Many adults may be asking themselves, "Do my children really need a kids dental cleaning? Can't they just brush their teeth at home?" We hear these questions often and find that there are multiple answers, depending on the situation.

It takes two for proper dental care

First, children absolutely need a regular dental cleaning in our office. Second, this does not replace dental cleaning at home. Regular dental checkups simply augment at-home care. What parents do at home on a daily basis is still absolutely critical for maintaining good oral health.

It is wise for parents to look at the relationship between themselves and the dentist as a partnership. We both need each other in order to produce the best possible results for the child. Working together will lead to a child having good oral health.

Why is dental cleaning at home not enough?

Children are busy. They like to move and it can be very difficult to get them to hold still long enough to allow for proper brushing and flossing. Most parents do their absolute best, but it can still result in a significant amount of plaque left on the teeth or in between them.

Even children who allow parents to brush their teeth properly may refuse to sit still long enough for flossing. The parent is not responsible for this. It simply has to do with the age of the child. Since it can be impossible to remove all of the plaque at home, brushing the teeth is not enough to keep the child in good oral health.

What do you do at a kids dental cleaning appointment?

When children visit our office for a cleaning appointment, we examine their teeth to see if we notice any signs of tooth decay or an infection. This quick examination is critical because if we identify these any problems early, then we can treat them before they cause additional problems or discomfort. Next, we will clean the teeth.

Using dental tools and an abrasive paste, we can remove plaque from the teeth. If there is tartar we will also be using a dental pick in order to scrape the tartar away and remove it. We also floss in between teeth. While it sounds simple, there is an art to this, especially when dealing with younger children. Our team is proficient at what they do and can clean children's teeth quickly and efficiently.

If there are no other problems, we may suggest a fluoride treatment and then send children on their way. However, if we notice any tooth decay or infections, we will create a treatment plan to resolve these issues. We will give these recommendations to parents and schedule a follow-up appointment.

Maintaining healthy teeth is important

A kids dental cleaning appointment can be completed in less than an hour. This is an easy way to maintain healthy teeth and we recommend scheduling one for twice a year. "But why do healthy teeth matter so much if a child is going to lose their baby teeth anyway?"

We get these questions a lot and the answer is simple. Healthy teeth are necessary for allowing a child to develop properly. Teeth are necessary to learn how to speak clearly, for chewing food and for having good self-confidence. Children who experience problems with their teeth or lose their teeth prematurely may struggle in any of these areas. Thus, regular checkups can help ensure everything grows properly.

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