3 Reasons to Schedule a Dental Check-up for Kids

We recommend calling our office and scheduling a dental checkup for kids this Spring before Summer begins and vacations start. It's far easier to plan to visit the dentist now than having to worry about planning appointments in between vacations and summer camps. Here are three reasons to schedule this check up on a regular basis.

1. Regular dental cleanings can prevent tooth decay and toothaches

Children do not respond well to having a toothache. Especially young ones may find that any have a dental pain is obsolete excruciating and unbearable. Not know how to manage this pain and so even a small toothache can lead to uncontrollable tears, an emergency dental appointment days missed from school. Fortunately, parents can help to prevent this potential problem by simply scheduling a dental cleaning for twice a year. This allows us to remove plaque and tartar that could cause eventual decay. If children have this regular of the schedule it is very unlikely that they will suffer any type of dental emergency, including an occasional toothache. If they do it is more likely caused by something they just ate rather than actual decay.

2. Insurance will pay for it, most of the time

Most insurance policies will pay for routine checkups and cleanings. This is because they know that is going to cost them far less to say to have a child's teeth cleaned regularly then it would for them to contribute towards a significant procedure like a root canal. Since routine cleanings are the best way to prevent serious oral health problems, is more cost-effective for the insurance company and for parents. Plus, it's pain for the cleaning, there is no reason not to take advantage of this benefit, especially if parents are contributing towards the monthly premiums.

3. A dental checkup for kids make sure that nothing is wrong

During the checkup itself, we will look to make sure that a child's teeth are growing incorrectly, look for any problems like soft spots and make sure that they do not have any dental infections. This is important for identifying any problems as soon as they arise so that they can be solved before the problem gets worse. For example, if it looks like a child has a soft spot on one of their teeth, we can remove this portion of decay and fillet before a child ever suffers a toothache. Likewise, if a child has lost a tooth and the adult one is not ready to descend, we may use a spacer to preserve that space until the adult tooth is ready to come in. This can ensure that there is enough space for it to do so by preventing other teeth from encroaching in that area. Placing a spacer is a simple step that can reduce the need for orthodontics in the future. These are just a couple examples of the steps that we can take as preventative measures to solve current problems and prevent future ones.

Schedule an appointment for a dental checkup for kids

Ensure that your child has the best opportunity for good oral health by calling our office and scheduling an appointment today.

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