Why is a Pediatric Dental Check-up Important?

A pediatric dental check-up is more important than many parents realize. It allows us to ensure that a child's teeth are coming in properly and allows us to clean their teeth to prevent the likelihood of developing decay. Even young […] Continue Reading

Bring Your Child with Bad Breath to a Pediatric Dentist

Parents who bring their children to a pediatric dentist, often do so because they have oral health questions. We are the experts when it comes to early childhood dental health and is happy to answer questions and provide detailed information. […] Continue Reading

5 Summertime Health Tips from a Dentist for Kids

When visiting a dentist for kids, it is important to ask questions. Doing so will make it easier to understand how to keep your child's teeth healthy and in excellent condition. We help many families to improve their oral health […] Continue Reading

Let a Pediatric Dentist Teach Your Child About Oral Health

Bring your child to our pediatric dentist office so we can teach them how to brush and floss properly. Establishing a good oral hygiene routine is absolutely critical for the health of a child. Most parents realize this, but it […] Continue Reading

A Provider of Pediatric Dental Care Warns of the Dangers of Baby Bottles

As a provider of pediatric dental care, we know that the bottle can be a baby's worst enemy. This may sound like an over-exaggeration, but in truth, when it comes to healthy teeth, taking a bottle of milk or juice […] Continue Reading

The Do’s and Dont’s for Creating Healthy Teeth for Kids

Diet is critically important for developing healthy teeth for kids. In our dental office, we help kids through regular dental cleanings and fluoride treatment. Still, we know that these are not enough for maintaining a lifetime of good oral health. […] Continue Reading

Brushing at Home is Not Enough, You Need a Kids Dental Cleaning

Many adults may be asking themselves, "Do my children really need a kids dental cleaning? Can't they just brush their teeth at home?" We hear these questions often and find that there are multiple answers, depending on the situation. It […] Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Visit an Early Childhood Dentist Today

Bring your child to an early childhood dentist before they start school. This is important for ensuring that their teeth are healthy and that they are unlikely to have any dental complications when starting preschool or kindergarten. We find that […] Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Schedule a Dental Check-up for Kids

We recommend calling our office and scheduling a dental checkup for kids this Spring before Summer begins and vacations start. It's far easier to plan to visit the dentist now than having to worry about planning appointments in between vacations […] Continue Reading

Tips for Parents from an Emergency Dentist for Children

As an emergency dentist for children, we are regularly called by parents looking for fast advice on how to help a child who is suffering from dental pain. We recommend bringing them to our office immediately so that we can […] Continue Reading