Picking Toothpaste for Your Kids

When picking toothpaste for your kids, it is important to find one that they will actually want to use. In our dental office, there are several factors that we recommend taking into consideration for health reasons. However, ultimately, the most […] Continue Reading

5 Tips to Help Parents with Oral Care for Toddlers

While oral care for toddlers has similarities for oral health care with older children and even adults, there are still a few differences. The biggest difference in care is not in what we need to do for proper care but […] Continue Reading

Did You Know Saliva Promotes Healthy Teeth For Kids?

Saliva plays an important role in ensuring healthy teeth for kids and adults. While it is easy to think of saliva as something that is pesky and is likely to run down a toddler's chin, it actually has significant health […] Continue Reading

Pediatric Dental Care and Brushing at Home: Working Together

Pediatric dental care involves a lot of preventative dentistry. Our goal is to ensure that our young patients maintain healthy teeth and gums so that they do not require more invasive procedures like root canals or extractions. By cleaning their […] Continue Reading

Maximize Insurance Benefits by Visiting a Kids Dentist

There may still be time to visit the kids dentist before year-end. We recommend that you do not wait to see if there are any appointments available with our office. This is important because it can help you to save […] Continue Reading

Three Dental Emergencies Children Need a Pediatric Dentistry Office to Solve

By offering pediatric dentistry, we make it possible for our young patients to maintain good oral health. We also have the ability to fix emergency dental problems as they arise. In fact, it is unlikely that a child will go […] Continue Reading

Signs Your Child Needs a Cavity Treatment For Kids

We encourage parents to bring their children to our office to receive cavity treatment for kids anytime their child complains of a toothache. Very often, a simple toothache is actually the body’s way of alerting a person that there is a […] Continue Reading

A Children’s Dentist in Lake Forest Addresses Thumbsucking

When parents bring their children to our office to meet a children’s dentist in Lake Forest, one of the common concerns is the issue of thumb sucking. Many children suck their thumb. Thumb-sucking can begin in infancy to help children […] Continue Reading

Why a Dentist for Children is a Better Bet for Your Child

A negative experience at the dentist will cause children patients to avoid the dentist as much as possible. Just as a positive experience can instill a willingness to seek professional dental care and keep dental hygiene routines a regular habit […] Continue Reading

Schedule Kids Dental Check-up When Candy Leads to Toothaches

If your children complain of pain when they are eating candy this Halloween, it could be a sign that they need a kids dental check-up. This is because teeth that are beginning to suffer from decay are going to be […] Continue Reading